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“Public Transport by moovel”: The moovel Bot for Facebook Messenger

“Public Transport by moovel” gets you public transport connections and departure times directly within the Facebook Messenger chat. In addition, car2go vehicles are shown where available.

How to add “Public Transport by moovel” to your Facebook Messenger?

Communicating with the moovel Bot for Facebook Messenger is very easy. Just add “Public Transport by moovel“ to your contacts or scan the QR Code. You can also use this link on your smartphone: m.me/PublicTransportMoovel.

How can you use “Public Transport by moovel”

When you send your location you get an overview of the nearby stops of bus, tram and other public transport, including next departures. “Get more details“ provides additional information as e.g. a corresponding map.

“Depart from here” uses a location which you sent as starting point of your journey.

“Take me there” will set the location as destination. The moovel Bot will give you possible public transport connections for this trip.

It is easy to share public transport information and connections with your contacts. Just use the “share” button and select the contact from your friend list.

The moovel bot for Slack

With the moovel bot you can get all mobility options around a given point or the most important connections from A to B. With the bot you already have your mobility information during your chat.

Add the moovel bot for Slack

To add the moovel bot to your Slack team, simply click the “Add to Slack” button. Please note that you have to be an admin in order to install third party apps. If you’re not, please contact your Slack team admin. After the installation is complete every team member can access the moovel bot by typing commands into any chat window

/moovel < address >

By typing "/moovel < address >"
e.g „/moovel Stuttgart Marienplatz“
the moovel bot will give you an overview of all available mobility options around that location.

Please note that the retained results are only visibile to you. Everyone else in the chat will not be able to see your moovel request.

The moovel bot is smart: After a few requests it learns about your location so you don’t have to type the whole address everytime.

Furthermore the moovel bot will accept any language for destinations. For example you could type “Milan” as well as “Milano” or “Mailand”.

/moovel to

By typing “/moovel to ” e.g. „/moovel Marienplatz Stuttgart to Berlinerplatz Stuttgart” the moovel bot will calculate the best route and display the results directly in Slack.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with moovel bot for Slack and for Messenger and how you use it.

To provide feedback please send us an e-mail to tools@moovel.com

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