Why is transit data important?

Being able to check timetables and plan your journey using a single app makes using public transportation much easier. Transit data is required in order to make this possible. And, with live updates about departure times, delays and cancellations, users can find alternatives to get where they are going on time despite any delays or maybe just decide to stay at home and travel another day. Transit data and real-time data make public transportation even more user-friendly.

Why do we need your data?

We are working to expand moovel throughout the world, and we need your help. moovel uses a huge amount of transit data to help users get around cities more easily. Your contribution is crucial, and we need your support to provide transit information to our users around the globe. Do you want to see a specific public transportation service included in our app? Or do you represent a public transportation service that would like to give us access to their data? If so, we would really appreciate your help.

Benefits for agencies:

  • Raising the awareness of your agency by displaying the data in our app
  • Deep link to your app
  • Press release announcement of the collaboration between moovel and your agency
  • Dedicated area on our website to explain more about the services your agencies are providing
  • Advice on how to use your data from the transit data experts at moovel

Benefits for users:

  • Bring moovel to your city
  • Be one of the first users to try out the app and the new features before anybody else
  • Be an ambassador for your city by contributing information about it to our projects – just contact us to find out how

Help us to create the future of urban mobility

Enter below the information for your public transportation service/the public transportation service you would like to see in the moovel app. We will do our best to have it integrated into the app soon.

¹This information is voluntary and will be deleted within fourteen days of collection.
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Thanks a lot for your feedback!

For questions or more information, contact us at hi@moovel.com . We are always grateful for your feedback.