German Design Award: the moovel lab children's book "Where Do Cars Go at Night?" receives a prize from the German Design Council

  • “German Design Award 2018: Winner label” for moovel lab
  • Children's book impresses with its design qualities
  • Story about self-driving car “CARLA-15” looks at the subject of autonomous mobility and is for adults and children

Stuttgart, October 20, 2017. What happens when the city is sleeping and self-driving vehicles move through the city? This question forms the core of the moovel lab "Where Do Cars Go at Night?" project. The resulting children's book, which explains the future scenario of autonomous mobility using attractive illustrations, impressed the jury of the German Design Award 2018.

The moovel Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, aims to simplify urban mobility and creates an "Operating System for urban mobility". The four-person research team of the moovel lab, which is part of the moovel Group, tackles topics relating to the mobility of the future through creative projects and following the guiding principle "Exploring the future of urban mobility". With its English-language children's book "Where Do Cars Go at Night?", the moovel lab is addressing the subject of autonomous driving. In February 2018, the moovel lab will receive the "Winner" prize for the outstanding design quality of its project in a festive award ceremony.

“Do self-driving vehicles also go to bed at night?" A day in the life of “CARLA-15”.

Presented for the first time at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016, "Where Do Cars Go at Night?" looks at the vision of mobility through the story of CARLA-15, the self-driving car. The book uses simple illustrations to show how self-driving cars may be integrated into our daily lives in the future. But it involves much more than just transport from A to B. As well as keeping the streets clean and doing repairs, CARLA-15 also does the shopping and recharges herself with energy at one of the many electric charging points. In line with the subject, the book ends with the sentence "Autonomous driving has the potential to disrupt mobility and many parts of our lives", which encourages the readers to reflect on autonomous mobility. More information about the book and the corresponding download can be found at: The moovel lab is currently looking for a suitable publisher for the book.

The German Design Award - prizes for unique design trends

The German Design Council initiated the German Design Awards in 2012 as an international premium prize-giving to honor the diversity of product and communications design in Germany. Each year, products and communication services which stand out from the competition through their design quality are nominated for the awards. And now, the moovel lab has achieved recognition. As one of over 5,000 nominations, "Where Do Cars Go at Night?" has been awarded the coveted "Winner" label in the Excellent Communications Design category (Books & Calenders) and thus brings yet another prize to Stuttgart. The jury of the German Design Award is made up of design experts from the fields of business, teaching and science, as well as the design industry.

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