Using the TRAJECTORIES 3D wax printer, the moovel lab visualizes our everyday mobility behavior

  • For the first time, the moovel lab TRAJECTORIES installation converts mobility data from the moovel app onto paper using 3D wax printing
  • Inspired by the French cultural philosopher Michel de Certeau, the installation provides information on the everyday mobility behavior of the urban population
  • TRAJECTORIES shows the everyday mobility behavior of a city from a completely new perspective

Stuttgart, August 31, 2016. In order to visualize our everyday mobility behavior, TRAJECTORIES converts data from the moovel mobility app into a relief image using a 3D wax printer thus displaying a completely new perspective of a city.

TRAJECTORIES is an installation from the moovel lab which illustrates our everyday urban mobility routes using wax printing. To create this, search requests from the moovel mobility app are printed using liquid wax onto a two meter square paper screen.
The free iOS and Android mobility app combines various mobility options: local public transport, car-sharing providers such as car2go, mytaxi, Taxi-Ruf, rental bicycles and Deutsche Bahn. For the visualization of the various mobility options of the moovel app, different colored waxes are used in the TRAJECTORIES installation. The routes chosen by the moovel app users in the particular city are color-coded according to the method of travel and transferred onto paper using hot wax dripped from a height of about 10 centimeters. The result on the screen is therefore made up of many lines of different colored waxes on top of each other. By lighting the paper screen from behind, the overlapping wax routes are made visible. Little by little, a relief image of mobility in the city is created as the wax routes cross and overlay each other as the mobility demand varies over time. The warm, soft haptic of the wax creates more and more movement patterns over the duration of the installation and portrays a fully new image of a city.

The source of inspiration for the moovel lab's TRAJECTORIES installation was the French cultural philosopher Michel de Certeau. With the TRAJECTORIES installation, the moovel lab provides an aesthetic, striking and informative answer on the subject of the everyday, mostly routine mobility behavior of the urban population.

moovel lab

The moovel lab is an interdisciplinary team of three which, as a research group of the moovel Group GmbH, looks at future questions of urban mobility and lifestyle. Instead of traditional analysis and presentation methods, the lab attempts through the use of exploratory projects to understand human behavior in urban areas, to influence it and to provoke discourse. The creative working environment of the lab is open to employees of the moovel Group GmbH as well as interested third parties. With the innovative talents of the experimental procedures of the moovel lab, the research team operates within the organization as the internal networker and incentive generator. For the public, the innovative projects of the lab are prepared in the form of design products.

Further information is available on the moovel lab blog

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