#teamchatviz – moovel lab visualizes agile team communications structures in Slack

  • Through the use of Slack, the moovel Group GmbH promotes an open communication culture and supports agile work structures.
  • The moovel lab provides an open source plugin for the visualization of the team communication in Slack on the GitHub code sharing platform.
  • teamchatviz offers illustrative examples for team communication in the Slack messenger which are grouped into six categories.

Stuttgart, July 19, 2016 The moovel lab makes team communication structures visible in Slack and stimulates discourse on the change from a push to a pull communication in companies.

Mobility apps, such as that from moovel, facilitate our mobility in urban areas. Messenger services, such as Slack, simplify both our private and business communication. With the moovel app, users can access various mobility options at all times and anywhere. In Slack messenger, they have access at all times and anywhere to the communication flow of their organization and can, for example, call up the status of projects. Both services make it clear how the digital disruption is changing our private and professional lives. With #teamchatviz, the moovel lab has provided a tool which makes the digital communication structures in Slack visible for the first time.

Open communication as a key for agility

The moovel Group GmbH introduced Slack in October 2015 with the aim of making information and data available to employees at all times and to reduce the flood of e-mails. The Slack company communication platform has, according to its own figures, 3 million active users and functions on an extremely simple principle: The organization creates a Slack team, adds all employees to it and grounds channels for various projects and departments. "Instead of copying e-mails to countless employees and passing on tasks and information by e-mail, we use open Slack channels for our communication. Thus, all information is available to all employees at all times. The use of Slack has significantly assisted us in the change from a push communication to a pull communication", describes Eileen Mandir, Head of Product and Lab at moovel Group GmbH about the Slack effect. "We are currently learning in all areas from the agile operation of product development. According to the agile manifesto, individuals and interactions are more important than processes and tools. With our open communication using Slack, we have created the basis for agile work structures."

The moovel lab, the three-person research team of the moovel Group GmbH, together with two colleagues from software development, has now developed an open source tool for the visualization of communication structures of Slack teams. The #teamchatviz plugin for Slack covers six presentations which highlight the different aspects of team communication: The channel “Heartbeat” compares the activity of the channels, “Channel Land” is based on a cluster analysis which informs about the communication landscape of an organization and “People Land” gives an insight into the communicative connections between team members. Further visualizations are the ranking of messages according to interaction, the “Frequent Speakers” feature, as well as the “Emoji Timeline” as a type of mood barometer in the Slack teams. "The #teamchatviz visualizations give, above all, our new employees an overview of the communication structures of the organization and make the start easier for them“, says Thorsten Heilig, Head of People and Organization at moovel Group GmbH.
The #teamchatviz open source plugin for Slack is available, editable and expandable for every organization on the GitHub code sharing platform.

moovel lab gives impulse – within the organization and for the public

The moovel lab is an interdisciplinary team of three which, as a research group of the moovel Group GmbH, looks at future questions of urban mobility and lifestyle. Instead of traditional analysis and presentation methods, the lab attempts through the use of exploratory projects to understand human behavior in urban areas, to influence it and to provoke discourse. The creative working environment of the lab is open to employees of the moovel Group GmbH as well as interested third parties – through this, for example, the #teamchatviz plugin has developed in cooperation with colleagues from software development. With the innovative talents of the experimental procedures of the moovel lab, the research team operates within the organization as the internal networker and incentive generator. For the public, the innovative projects of the lab are prepared in the form of design products which stimulate discourse.

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#teamchatviz on GitHub

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