STWC 2016 - Quality Assurance @moovel

As a mobility service provider, quality of our products is the first priority at moovel. We continuously improve our quality assurance processes and performance of our products. Because all of our products depends on real-time data, we want to give our customers a true user experience and best software quality.

As a Software tester, this year 2016 turned out to be very informative and challenging for me. One morning when I was searching for software testing and automation tools for my work, I came across a website called "Software testing world cup"(SWTC). After opening the website, I started reading what is the purpose of this competition and how it is organized and carried out every year. Believe you me, my heart was beating faster and faster as I read further into the competition and at the previous champions from the different regions of the world. I could not wait to inform my team and apply for this championship.

“Software products only succeed with best quality”

Next Goal

My colleagues were excited and quickly we formed a team of four colleagues: Hadier and myself from our QA team, Chris from our product team and Sorin from our engineering team.
Same day, we got our team registered for the Asian preliminary rounds and started preparations for competition day 26.08.2016. Preparations were necessary as we had limited time to test and report and wanted to hit the ground running when the competition commenced. Preparations consisted of dividing and delegating tasks to team members.

I was responsible for management, coordination, delegation, equipment requirements and organizing the venue for the competition. Our second team member Hadier started preparing Android, iOS and Windows OS devices. Christian, our working student, took the responsibility of preparing a list of OS versions on all test devices and installing different browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet explorer on the notebook. Sorin was responsible for the testing tools to be used during the competition.

Judgement Day

On competition day we all reached the office early in the morning. We grabbed a cup of coffee and got ready to go:

  • started setting up the devices, laptops, charging cables and Wi-Fi etc.
  • logged into slack and lean testing (credits go to Mr. Uwe Gelfert who helped one of our team members to get access to the slack channel and lean testing tools which we got in the Knick of time)
  • got all relevant android devices and operating system versions (which we were informed about in advance by the STWC organizers) prepared for testing.
  • waited in anticipation for the big surprise of the app we would be given for testing.

Whilst testing we were finding and reporting bugs, communicating the bugs with team members and in the blink of an eye the two hours passed and now I started preparing the test report. While writing test report I was also checking the slack channel for any announcements from our judges. Our report was almost done when I saw a message from Matt Heusser that we had only 12 minutes left on the clock. At this moment I asked Sorin to join me in finalizing the test report and stop reporting further bugs. In the closing moments we finalized the test report and sent via mail to the SWTC organizers.


At first, I was thinking that winning this competition and giving my best to win would be the only achievement, but I was wrong. Today, I am writing this blog because I think, we already won many things from participating in the first round. We learned

  • how to organize and manage a software testing event
  • how to communicate with the team effectively helping us to reach our goals in less time
  • collaboration with external software testers on different topics

This has changed our ways of working here at moovel. Now we divide our tasks within the team in case we have short deadlines in order to get as much testing done as possible. We now know more software testers then we ever knew before. I would encourage everyone to participate in a competition such as this and get your skills polished.

Thank you
Umar Usman Khan

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