Mobility app “KVV.mobil powered by moovel” launches in Karlsruhe

Users get easy access to various mobility services in the region.

  • moovel Group GmbH and Karlsruhe Transport Authority KVV launch joint mobility app “KVV.mobil powered by moovel”
  • Innovative app with real-time information available to download now
  • moovel Group GmbH expands business model in Germany with white label solution for transit authorities and agencies
  • White label application combines the strengths of the German moovel app and moovel transit products from the USA

Stuttgart/Karlsruhe. In a joint press conference, moovel Group GmbH and Karlsruhe Transport Authority KVV announced their partnership and the availability of the joint mobility app: “KVV.mobil powered by moovel”. With this app, which is available to download now free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, users can conveniently access a growing network of public and alternative mobility services in the KVV operation area.

The app displays connections and departure times of buses, trains and trams at all 1,900 stops in the KVV area as well as available rental bicycles from regional bike-sharing provider “Fächerrad”, a service by Nextbike. Timetable bus, train and tram information is provided in real time, putting information about delays or cancellations at users’ fingertips. Whether bus, light rail, tram or bicycle – tickets and bicycles can be booked and paid for directly in the app. Single ride, day and group tickets are available in the app.

With the new app, moovel Group GmbH is expanding its business model in Germany with a white label solution for transport operators and transport companies: “We are witnessing rapid change in the mobility sector; and customers are moving towards on-demand mobility. Customers want easy access to mobility services that are intelligently linked with one another and can be paid for directly by smartphone via one central access point,” says Jörg Lamparter, CEO of moovel Group GmbH. “With moovel, we are creating an operating system for urban mobility, which offers access to a wide array of mobility options. We are the clear market leader in the USA, where, with moovel transit, we have gathered a wealth of experience in innovative applications for transport operators. In Germany, we are also the leading mobility innovator with the moovel app. We are now combining the strengths of the moovel app and moovel transit products, and bringing the best of both worlds to Karlsruhe,” says Lamparter.

City of Karlsruhe residents and visitors are also looking forward to the launch of the pilot project: “The intelligent linking of mobility services will lead to entirely new transport concepts. We are developing innovative solutions for the mobility of the future,” explains Karlsruhe’s Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup, referring to other important projects, such as the test field for autonomous driving. “This pilot project between the moovel Group and KVV, which is already a driving force for sustainable mobility in Karlsruhe, underscores the city’s commitment to help shape the transformation in mobility as a central IT and business location,” says Mentrup.

The easy way to tickets with real-time information

KVV CEO Dr. Alexander Pischon views the partnership with moovel Group GmbH as an important building block in transforming the transit authority from a service provider with a traditional range of local transportation services, like buses, trains and trams, into a mobility network. “We carry more than 170 million passengers per year. Together with moovel, we are now offering our customers an app that enables them to search for, book and pay for a range of mobility services, and considerably simplifies access to various modes of transportation. We are delighted that with the support of moovel and its parent company Daimler AG, we have found the perfect partner to drive forward the linking of various mobility providers in the KVV network. In the future, we plan to incorporate more mobility service providers into the system, so that our customers will be able to get from A to B even more flexibly,” Pischon emphasizes.

Customers of the “KVV.mobil powered by moovel” app can enjoy straightforward and intuitive user guidance. This includes simple registration without a password via e-mail, Facebook or Google, as well as the option of storing several payment profiles in one account. Once customers have registered, using the app is a piece of cake: the app locates the user and shows their location on the start screen. Then, there are two options for booking tickets: if the user knows their connection, they can press the “Buy ticket” button directly on the start screen to buy their ticket, select the payment option and proceed with their ride. Alternatively, a user can enter their destination and choose one of the options suggested to them. Immediately after making a purchase, the customer will receive their ticket directly in the app in the form of an animated tram. And it’s just as easy to search for and book bicycles from Fächerrad as well. As another mobility option, stations of carsharing provider Stadtmobil are soon to be integrated into the app. If a customer should have any questions, all they have to do is shake their smartphone and they will be connected with moovel customer services directly via e-mail.

moovel transit: Technology from the US market leader for mobile ticketing solutions

Booking and paying for mobility services are among the core competencies of the moovel Group – both in Germany and in the USA. With its moovel transit product family and 1.6 million tickets sold in March 2017 alone, moovel North America is the market leader for mobile ticketing solutions in the USA. 16 transit agencies use the moovel transit products. With the launch of the “KVV.mobil powered by moovel” app, moovel Group GmbH is expanding its moovel transit product portfolio to Germany and making its expertise available to German transit associations and agencies.

In addition, the moovel app is still available to all customers in Germany. The moovel app is the world’s only mobile solution that enables customers to search for, book and pay for various mobility services.

moovel Group acts as partner to cities and transit authorities and agencies

Mobility in cities is undergoing rapid change, and moovel Group GmbH is a partner to cities and transit associations navigating this transformation. The moovel app and moovel transit product portfolio are being used by more than 2.5 million users in Germany and the US. The products provide customers easy access to diverse mobility services and thereby easing the use of buses, trains and trams in cities. The white label application of the moovel Group is available to every transit authority and agency. Another advantage alongside rapid implementation is that all that associations have to pay to use the app are factoring fees. What’s more, every association can benefit from the continuous enhancement of the app.

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