Award-winning moovel lab project: "Roads to Rome" has been acknowledged with three prizes

  • moovel lab project visualizes mobility infrastructures and makes main routes through Europe viewable
  • Celebratory presentation of the "Kantar Information is Beautiful Award" in London to moovel lab
  • "Roads to Rome" receives a special mention from the German Design Council and Fast Company

Stuttgart. The moovel lab "Roads to Rome" project was presented with the "Kantar Information is Beautiful Award" in London yesterday. On October 24, 2016, the German Design Council – responsible for the German Design Award – had already given it a special mention. "Roads to Rome" receives a third prize from the Fast Company, one of the leading US technology magazines. With "Roads to Rome", the moovel lab visualized mobility infrastructures in order to answer the question as to whether all roads do actually lead to Rome.

The proverbial saying “all roads lead to Rome” was the inspiration for the "Roads to Rome" project, which has now been honored with three important awards. The aim of the visualization project was to find out whether all roads do actually lead to Rome. The starting points are nearly 500,000 points evenly distributed throughout Europe from which the routes to Rome are calculated. The more frequently a road is used, the stronger its marking. This creates a picture which shows all routes leading to Rome. Behind the map view there is a complex algorithm running through almost 3.4 million routes.
More information about the project can be found at

Kantar Information is Beautiful Award in the Data Viz category

On November 02, 2016, the project received the "Kantar Information is Beautiful Award" in the "Data Viz Project" category. Since 2012, the award has been presented in six different categories. The most exceptional data visualizations are honored with the awards. More information can be found at

German Design Award: Special mention for "Roads to Rome"

The German Design Council will commend the project with the "Special Mention" award as part of the prize ceremony on February 10, 2017 in Frankfurt. Thereby, "Roads to Rome" will be honored by the international jury of experts with the German Design Award 2017 for exceptional design quality. The German Design Award distinguishes innovative products and projects, together with their producers and designers, which are pioneering in the German and international design landscape. The high-caliber international jury ensures that those awarded are of the highest standard. More information can be found at:

Special Mention as part of the Innovation By Design Awards

The "Roads to Rome" project was awarded an "Honorable Mention" in the Graphic Design & Data Visualization category of the Innovation by Design Awards. The awards are presented by the American technology magazine Fast Company who had over 1,700 entries this year. Find out more at

About the moovel lab

The moovel lab is an interdisciplinary team of three which uses innovative projects to look at future questions of mobility and human behavior in urban areas. The creative working environment of the lab is open to employees of the moovel Group GmbH as well as interested third parties, such as universities or commercial enterprises. Further information on the moovel lab can be found here.

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