On-demand transportation that strengthens public transit

SSB Flex is a new, flexible transportation option for people in Stuttgart, Germany. The first on-demand service in Germany to be approved as a regular passenger service under the Germany Passenger Transportation Act, SSB Flex acts as supplemental mode of public transportation in what is known as transportation “blank spots” and during off-peak times. Following moovel’s successful six-month pilot with more than 20,000 riders, the local transport agency Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG (SSB) became the official operator of SSB Flex, incorporating the on-demand service into their transit portfolio

SSB Flex operates in the Stuttgart city center every Thursday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., when trains, buses and trams run less frequently. The service also operates in areas of the cities underserved by public transportation.

Journeys can be booked for as little as EUR 2.20. In addition to SSB Flex tickets, VVS tickets can also be purchased via the app. SSB Flex ticket prices will be reduced for holders of VVS day or season tickets.

Find more information about SSB Flex at ssb-ag.de/ssbflex

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