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ridescout and globesherpa are now moovel.

Since 2010, GlobeSherpa and RideScout have built mobile solutions that help people navigate their city with real-time information and mobile payments. After successful acquisitions, the companies have merged to become moovel NA, a subsidiary of Daimler AG, with the aim to create the future of urban mobility. We help people connect to transportation no matter where they are.

moovel builds products to keep you moving.

At moovel, we believe that mobility is an ecosystem — a group of interconnected transportation modes that form the fabric of our cities. With each moovel product, designed for public transportation ticketing, discovery of new rides, and planning journeys, moovel is setting the standard for how people traverse the planet.

With the moovel transit platform, transit agencies can access a whole world of ticketing, including mobile sales, SmartCard management, real-time analytics, and transaction data — all at your fingertips.

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With RideTap, you can add transportation functionality into any app. Our RideTap SDK integrates nearby ride options into any app to help users find and get rides, enhancing their transit experiences.

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With the moovel app, see all mobility options within a single view. moovel is the first app to enable booking and payment for rides, including public transit, directly through the app. Currently available in Germany.