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Can I use moovel to book and pay for tickets on Deutsche Bahn?

Yes, of course. If you have registered with moovel and you have provided payment information, then you can use moovel to book Deutsche Bahn tickets. You can find your ticket under „My Connections“ and you will even get it by e-mail.

Do I need an ID card to use a Deutsche Bahn ticket?

Yes, you will need to produce appropriate identification (credit card), which you can select during the ticket booking process.

Can I book Deutsche Bahn tickets for several people at the same time?

No, this is not possible.

Where can I find Deutsche Bahn Sparpreise tickets?

The connection overview will display standard prices. Once you start the booking process, you can then apply various discounts (BahnCard, Sparpreis, etc.).

Why can't I book connections abroad?

We are currently focusing on moovel transport links within Germany.